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Covering Central and South Jersey

Foundation Services

Foundation problems can have long-lasting and devastating effects. Get them corrected today with the help of Cowan's South Jersey Masonry, LLC.


We provide complete foundation and structural work including foundation repair, structure repair, basement re-finishing, waterproofing, and complete foundation solutions - basically anything you need to have your foundation safe and strong!

Achieve a safe and sound foundation

We have the experience and expertise necessary for exceptional foundation work, thus providing you with the structure and safety you need. Get in touch with us today for more information on our foundation repair solutions.

Complete foundation work

•  Structural repairs

•  Foundation repair and reinforcement

•  Basement waterproofing

•  Water damage restoration

•  Settlement repair

Basement Waterproofing

Never step into a damp or wet basement again! Here at Cowan's South Jersey Masonry, LLC, we provide complete basement waterproofing solutions, thus maximizing efficiency and keeping the water out of your house for good.

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